Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Biotech Investing: Question regarding best emerging biotechs

Which emerging biotech  best for future trade?

Nestor E

Hi Nestor,

Yellen's comments didn't do the biotech industry any favors today but it does provide some buying opportunities.   I don't give investment advice but I have purchased a ton of Array (ARRY) and Merrimack (MACK).  They both have solid pipelines and Array has an exceptional list of partners.  They both also have over $100 million in cash to work with.  One high risk but possible high reward opportunity is Oncogenex (OGXI).  They will announce phase 2 results of their compound in bladder cancer this quarter.  If successful, the stock will move as the compound is being testing in a wide variety of cancers with readouts over the next few years.

Thanks for the question Nestor and good luck investing!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Adam Feuerstein responds to my question regarding Mannkind's Alfrezza label

He provides a detailed response to my question on today's article.

I continue to be neutral on Mannkind between their lack of partnership, label, and financial weakness.