Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Biotech Investing: Question regarding best emerging biotechs

Which emerging biotech  best for future trade?

Nestor E

Hi Nestor,

Yellen's comments didn't do the biotech industry any favors today but it does provide some buying opportunities.   I don't give investment advice but I have purchased a ton of Array (ARRY) and Merrimack (MACK).  They both have solid pipelines and Array has an exceptional list of partners.  They both also have over $100 million in cash to work with.  One high risk but possible high reward opportunity is Oncogenex (OGXI).  They will announce phase 2 results of their compound in bladder cancer this quarter.  If successful, the stock will move as the compound is being testing in a wide variety of cancers with readouts over the next few years.

Thanks for the question Nestor and good luck investing!

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