Monday, March 2, 2015

Biotech Investing: Reader question on Provectus (PVCT)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I received the following question from EJ over the weekend regarding PVCT.

Looks like PVCT finally gonna start Phase3 trial for melanoma drug. Phase2 results were amazing. Any thoughts on this one?

EJ, I wouldn't touch this one.  The company only had less than $18 million in cash at the end of the 3rd quarter and a robust, quality Phase 3 trial will cost approximately $100 million so there's definitely going to be shareholder dilution in the near future.  Also, no partner for a small biotech is a red flag.  Their market cap is $162 million and I just feel there are much better companies out there at a lower market cap with more promising products.

I like and own CPXX, OGXI, ONTX, and TNXP.  All have drugs either in Phase 3 trials (ahead of PVCT) or drugs getting ready to enter Phase 3 trials.  And they all have market caps less than $100 million and more cash on hand that PVCT.  You may want to check them out if you are looking for other high risk, good value investing opportunities.

Thank you for the question and good luck!

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