Monday, December 19, 2016

Spoke to $CBIO regarding confusion around recent license from Wyeth....and update on ATM

I was confused when $CBIO announced last week that they received an exclusive license from Wyeth  for CB813d.  This same drug was developed by Catalyst and licensed to Wyeth years ago but that agreement was terminated on June 1, 2015.  So why in the world would a company need to license out a drug that they developed and licensed out themselves???  Also, the company has been stating that a trial was going to begin for CB813d.  How are you doing to start a trial for a drug you don't have rights to?? ?

I own about 1% of the outstanding stock so figured I would call to find out WTF was going on.  I spoke to the company early in the week and here's the story.

-  Wyeth had to do research for the manufacturing of CB813d which required IP filings.  This manufacturing process is critical for the drugs development.  Wyeth held these rights and negotiations have been ongoing since the termination of the contract in mid-2015.  They finally came to terms on obtaiing the rights to the manufacturing and other related IP.  Note this week's press release regarding the manufacturing agreement which is related.

-  The company assumed they were going to come to terms with Wyeth prior to the start of the trial.  Good thing they did, huh?

-  I also asked about the ATM while on the call.  $6 million ATM and there was over $5 million remaining at the time of their last public filing.  I'm guessing they cashed this check on the recent run over the past week so hopefully it's been fully used which will take selling pressure off the stock as they head towards trial commencements in 2017.

Hope this helps and wish everyone a Happy Holiday and biotech investing prosperous 2017!


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